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Why YOUR Garden Needs Decking!

When lockdown restrictions are finally eased or lifted altogether, you're going to want to celebrate with the friends and family you've been missing! Warmer weather is just around the corner and that means that the ideal place to enjoy a get-together is outdoors. Building a decking structure in your garden is a rewarding project and will give you the perfect place to welcome and entertain guests.

Building a decking

There are loads of benefits to building a decking structure and here are just some of them...

  • Amazing Aesthetics. First and foremost, decking adds infinite visual appeal to your property whether you choose to build a cosy, intimate structure or go for something large and extravagant. With timber, metal and glass options all available here at JAS Timber, you'll easily be able to find something that will suit your own personal taste. 
  • Customise with Confidence. With designers focusing more and more on the possibilities of outdoor living, there are thousands of products on the market with which you can personalise your new decking structure. Add some mood lighting and super-comfortable seating, use the space to show off some gorgeous greenery and flowers in stylish planters. A fire pit can make the space into an ideal summer-night getaway. If you're into entertaining, add a barbecue and dining table. The possibilities are endless!
  • Financial Freedom. A well-built decking structure created using quality materials like those supplied by JAS Timber adds remarkable financial value to your home. This means that the initial cost of materials are more than offset! Decking is a much sought-after feature by people looking to buy a new property as it offers increased living space and projects a classy, inviting image. 

JAS Timber is your one-stop shop for decking materials. We have over 100 items currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery, helping you to achieve the decking structure of your dreams. Like every product we supply, the items in our decking range are guaranteed to be of absolutely professional quality and priced at the most competitive level.

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