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What Do Your Worktops Say About You?

If food doesn’t look good, it generally doesn't taste that good either. Eat out anywhere, from the most ordinary of burger bars to a Michelin-starred restaurant and it’s a given that some time and thought will have been given to how the food is presented to you. When you’re cooking at home, that experience starts a whole lot earlier…

Oasis™ Worktops

When you eat out, you pay a premium for the luxury of not having to prepare and cook the food, not to mention avoiding the washing-up afterwards into the bargain. But we can’t live on takeaway or restaurant food and for most of us it’s a treat: for the rest of the week we’ll be cooking our own meals.

Cooking at home starts when you turn on the kitchen light. It’s a bright one - or should be - and everything leaps into sharp focus. This should energise you and help you to enjoy the cooking experience but if you've got drab, tired old worktops then you’re not going to get that buzz. Drab, tired worktops make for drab, tired food and that makes for drab, tired people.

What you need is an Oasis™ Top Value FSC® Worktop, available in a stunning selection of tones so you can personalise your kitchen space. They are manufactured by Kronospan® and comprise the company’­s laminates and worktop blanks which surround a board core made from material certified by the FSC® and thus produced to their strict, exacting standards.

The contract range spans across 13 different decirs in the 28mm size and a massive 21 decors in the 38mm size. And if that’s not enough, you can go to any shade on the visible spectrum using "Colorfill®" kitchen laminate repair compound and filler, made to bespoke order just for you.

Now you can truly match your kitchen to your cooking style with Oasis™ Top Value FSC® Worktops from highly-renowned Kronospan®, safe in the knowledge that the entire surface is produced to the FIRA® Gold standard.

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