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Welcome to the New Website!

Here at JAS Timber, we adhere to a rigorous plan of reinvestment in our company, making things better, easier and faster for our customers. The latest part of this reinvestment plan is right in front of you… our fantastic new website! Regular customers will have immediately noticed the changes and we hope that new customers will enjoy the thoroughly modern experience on offer.

WelcomeSo, what’s new? Firstly, you will have already noticed the supercharged loading speeds which our pages now deliver. Move from one to another as quick as a flash, letting you keep your train of thought riding smoothly and saving you precious time.

The whole visual is now softer yet sharper, more subtle yet more impacting. These seeming contra­dic­tions immediately resolve themselves as you use the site, holding your attention while letting you think freely. It doesn’­t matter what device you are using; the experience is seamless across all devices thanks to the adaptable, responsive nature of our new website.

We have simplified our menu system to make your experience even sleeker. A simple drop down menu appears when you hover above the select group of options on the home screen and remains in place until your selection.

The Products section is where you’ll find all of our range, which is neatly divided into easily-navigable sections in order to let you breeze through as you need. Look out for special deals in the Clearance section as well as the month’s extra-special offers.

We want to get to know our customers better as well as share more information about the goings-on in our own company. So we invite you to subscribe to our feature-packed newsletter and connect with us on social media; you’ll find us on all the major channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have got a new blog section where you’ll find lots of news, updates, info and offers so make sure to check that out too.

We hope you like our new website, as it has been built with YOU in mind. Our customers enjoy a modern, professional experience with our product range and now can enjoy the same when using our brand new, top of the range website. Got any comments or suggestions? We’d love to hear them. Simply click on the Contact link and we look forward to connecting with you.

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