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Tuscan Hardwood Worktops: Save 10%!

Timber is an excellent material for creating robust, durable and aesthetically-pleasing worktops in kitchen environments. Here at JAS Timber, we proudly supply hardwood worktops from the leading brand Tuscan and, for a limited time, you can save an attractive 10% across our extensive range.

Tuscan work surfaces are made using a variety of different types of timber including ash, beech, oak, walnut and the exotic iroko. A number of different finishing options is also available. All of the timber used to create these superlative products carries both FSC® and PEFC™ certification, guaranteeing that it has been harvested from forests that are responsibly and sustainably managed. Tuscan maintains a strict envi­ron­men­tally-friendly policy, refusing to source timber from any country that does not rigidly comply with good forestry practices and relevant international agreements.

Caring for a Tuscan solid wood worktop after installation is easy. The brand provides the following five tips to help you:

  1. When preparing food, a chopping board should always be used. Never cut food directly on the worktop. 
  2. Never place wet items, hot pans or objects with rough surfaces directly onto the worktop. Use a trivet or pan stand instead. 
  3. If the worktop becomes wet with water or other liquids, these should be immediately cleaned up and not allowed to pool on the surface for an extended period of time.
  4. Keep the timber worktop clean at all times. To do this, start by making a solution of warm water with a small amount of washing-up liquid. Lightly dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the worktop. Dry with a tea towel.
  5. Regularly apply hardwax oil to the worktop, not forgetting the edges. The oil helps the wood to become seasoned over time, helping to protect the surface from staining and improving its natural beauty.

Installing Tuscan timber worktops is a lot easier than you might think. JAS Timber can supply you with a full installation kit which includes wood protector, hardwax oil, angle brackets and connectors along with cloths, finishing pads and moisture-barrier paper. A full installation guide can be found at https://­tuscan­wor­ksur­faces.­co.­uk/­install-tuscan-solid-wood-worktops/

Along with worktops, which can also be used to create stunning breakfast-bar installations, the Tuscan collection available from JAS Timber includes vital ancillary products like upstands, installation kits and hardwax oil. Check out the JAS Timber website to view the complete product portfolio and order soon to take advantage of that limited-time 10% discount!

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