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Treated Timber Decking Components Special Offer

Of course, everyone wants to be outside when the weather gets a bit nicer and our gardens and outdoor spaces will be used lots during the next few months. Timber decking is a fantastic way to add style to a garden whilst also improving its usability and many DIYers are choosing to save money and create their own unique structures.

As with any structural work, planning is key so make sure your project turns out strong, safe and stylish with the JAS Guide to Timber Decking Preparation and Process.

The ground area chosen for the decking should be solid and totally flat – if it is to cross various areas of groundwork (e.g. a path along with an expanse of lawn) then these areas must be compacted to exactly the same level. This will ensure that settling, if there is any, will occur evenly across the structure.

Clear away all signs of vegetation, including the roots of tenacious plants and weeds.

Lay quality water­pro­ofing membrane.

With chalk spray or string & pegs, carefully measure out the proposed decking area. Unless you are certain you have the skills to profes­­­si­­­onally create features such as curved edges, an angular shape is recommended.

Don’t rush! Allow yourself time to get used to the proposed shape, size and location of decking before starting construc­tion. Take note of where the sun travels throughout the day and also be aware of wind patterns.

Choose quality timber that has been pressure-treated with an effective wood preser­vative.

Use stainless steel woodscrews.

Keep going and don't lose your motivation! You can rest assured that you’re using only the most high-quality materials supplied to you by JAS Timber and you’ll be saving a packet too as our prices are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Take your time but work steadily and by the time the weather gets at least a little bit more reliable, you will have attractive, hand-built and robust decking that is the envy of everyone.

So  where do you start your journey to this timber paradise? If you need any help or advice then please get in touch as our trained staff are always ready to help you get the best result, whatever the project.

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