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Transform your staircase with KLAD™ Oak Stair Cladding

If your staircase is looking, feeling and even sounding a bit tired, then you might think it’s time for a new one. This can be a bit of a big job so why not consider StairKlad instead? It can provide the perfect alternative with much less disruption and at a signi­fic­antly lower cost. Check out some of the features and benefits here!

The StairKlad system is an innovative way of giving a new lease of life to old stairs. Fully-finished stair flooring in the form of oak-veneered panels is easily installed and gives an instant, lasting effect that is at once strong and subtle. The range is manufactured by highly-renowned company Cheshire Mouldings and is guaranteed to totally transform any staircase.

  • The solution is simple and practical

  • There is no hassle with installing: StairKlad is simply glued to the existing staircase

  • The highest quality timber is used in manufacture: this has also been responsibly sourced

  • As well as being incredibly beautiful, the oak used also offers a high standard of strength and resilience

  • Each piece of stair cladding is individually forged in order to provide you with the highest possible quality

  • The treads and risers are supplied to you in a pre-oiled condition, which means that they do not require any further treatment before installation

  • Perfectly-rounded front nosings ensures a smoothly-profes­sional finish every time

  • Two different widths are available: 1m and 1.5m

The staircase is an often-neglected part of the home and, as we use it so regularly, we often don't notice when it is in need of some TLC. So take a look at YOUR staircase today and, if it could do with a face-life, then consider the StairKlad system. To see exactly how it works and just how easy installation is, check out the video on the product page. And, if you need expert advice, give our team a call today.

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