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Top 5 Reasons to Install Garden Decking

Installing a decking structure completely transforms both the visual aesthetic and practical value of any garden or outdoor space. The benefits of garden decking are countless but, in this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we're going to look at the top five...

  • Visual Appeal. The most natural of building materials, timber fits in perfectly with the great outdoors and boasts an unrivalled, authentic appearance that will complement any design scheme. Versatile and flexible, timber decking can be configured in infinite different ways to create structures that harmonise perfectly with both your garden and home.
  • Easy Maintenance. Timber decking structures have a long service life, during which they will require absolutely minimal maintenance. Treated decking boards, such as those supplied by JAS Timber, simply need keeping clean as part of your ordinary garden maintenance routine.
  • Durability. The long life expectancy of timber decking is enhanced by pressure treating, a process that imbues the boards with strong resistance to rotting, warping and general wear and tear.
  • Flexibility. Primarily, a garden decking structure occupies the place traditionally given over to a patio. There are however many other ways to use decking boards and accessories in other places, such as beneath pergolas and around pools or ponds.
  • Financial Value. The extra value that is added to your home with the installation of garden decking can completely offset the initial investment in materials/­labour. 

JAS Timber proudly supplies a comprehensive, professional collection of decking boards, along with other necessary items like rails, newels, spindles and end caps. We also offer access to decking products made using non-traditional materials such as metal, glass and acrylic.

Discover the complete JAS Timber collection of garden decking products on the website. Be sure to check out our new size decking board, currently available with a substantial price discount!

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