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The warm weather is great for starting improvement projects, whether it’s anything from installing loft skylights to hanging new doors or even building an impressive decking or landscaping feature from scratch. The old adage of not starting a good job with bad tools holds true in a literal as well as metaphorical sense when it comes to construc­tion, so check out our collection and kit yourself out!

We stock tools from a variety of companies based on their reputation for quality and safety. Only manuf­ac­turers with the strictest standards have made it onto our shortlist - these manuf­ac­turers include:

  • Black & Decker - a company that really needs no intro­duc­tion, Black & Decker have been producing quality tools for over a century since telecom workers S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker established the brand in 1910. Responsible for a number of game-changing and still-influential innovations, such as inventing the portable electric drill and obtaining patents for improvements such as the combination of trigger switch and pistol grip.

  • Makita Power Tools - Starting life in Japan in 1915 as a humble repair shop, Makita have now successfully established a presence in more than 150 countries around the world. Makita UK was formed in 1972, since which time the company has gone from strength to strength as it develops and evolves. JAS Timber currently have 16 types available of power tools from Makita, including a variety of drills, screwguns, saws, planers and sanders.

Check out the dedicated ‘­Tools’ section of the JAS Timber website to discover even more efficient, robust and professional products designed to facilitate your work with timber.

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