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Tools and Ancillaries for Summer DIY

To complement our vast selection of building materials, JAS Timber stock a wide range of tools and ancillary products. If you're planning on carrying out some DIY this coming summer, you'll find JAS Timber to be a one-stop shop for all of your DIY needs. Every product we supply is guaranteed to be of 100% professional quality and made available to you at our signature low prices.

This edition of our blog showcases a selection of our ancillary products.

Portable Floodlight

Engineered by top brand Faithfull, these superlative floodlights incorporate Class C halogen tubes, offering up to 20% in energy savings. Much brighter than standard lighting, the floodlights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and utilise tempered glass with a wire guard to improve safety. Each compact and highly-portable floodlight is equipped with an approved plug and 1.8m cable, along with a convenient carrying handle. The lights are also available with a stand.

Portable Floodlight

KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrews

Extremely versatile, KTX-Head woodscrews can be used successfully with all types of timber from soft and hard woods to most kinds of sheet materials like MDF and chipboard. Along with the unique and innovative KTX drive bit, the fixings can also be used with pozi, philips and square bits without any need for pilot holes or pre-drilling.

When using these components, exceptional torque is transferred directly into the screw, meaning that there is no danger of wobbling or slippage. The screws provide the advantage of significantly reducing splitting, allowing for reliable close-to-edge fitting. A double countersunk head leaves a smooth, safe and aesthetically-pleasing finish on the surface and the screw bit's fitting is improved thanks to an exceptionally deep head recess. Each screw has been through hardened to deliver maximum strength and is also coated with wax, ensuring smooth penetration into the substrate.

KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrews


JAS Timber supply a comprehensive collection of architectural ironmongery products, including hinges, fence posts, worktop legs, bolts, locks and more. Check out our website to discover the complete collection.

If you have any questions then the JAS Timber technical team is here to help. Simply get in touch with us and we will be able to offer reliable authoritative advice.

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