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Tongue & Groove Cladding at JAS Timber

The extensive collection of products available from JAS Timber includes tongue and groove matchboards and claddings, perfect for creating stunningly-attractive wainscot and boarded infill panelling to cover walls. Made from a variety of different kinds of timber to suit different applications, these products are of premium-quality, just like everything else we supply.

'Tongue and groove' is a traditional method used to fit timber boards snugly together from edge to edge, creating a seamless single surface. It creates one of the strongest construction joints that is widely used for re-entrant angles. Each piece of tongue and groove board features a slot (the groove) which is cut right along one edge; the opposite end comprises a deep, thin ridge (the tongue), which projects outward just less than the corresponding groove's depth. As work progresses, each tongue fits perfectly into the preceding groove. 'Reed and bead' refers to the decorative design that features on the board's front. The reed is the bevel edge while the bead is the pencil-shaped detail.

Timber cladding of this type has a tendency to twist, shrink and/or cup when it is moved indoors, where the air is warmer and drier. To prevent this from happening, it is important that the boards are stacked in the room where they will be used, allowing them to slowly acclimatise. To make sure that the boards dry out at a slow, even rate, they should be occasionally shuffled, which will help to minimise any movement and surface splitting/­checking that naturally occurs due to changes in moisture content.

Two of the most popular boards of this type that we supply are "Reed & Bead" Matchboard (made from solid white oak) and "Reed and Bead" Softwood Cladding (made from knotty pine). To cover one square metre of finished ceiling or wall, you will require around 11.7 linear metres of board. Note that there may be a small amount of wastage if, as is recommended practice, each board is finished on a joist.

Check out these and many other types of timber tongue and groove cladding materials on the JAS Timber website. 

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