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Timber Worktops: Benefits and Advantages

A kitchen is obviously a room mostly concerned with practicality but can be so much more than that when properly designed. The room can become a place not only for cooking but also for enjoying time with family and friends. One important element of kitchen design concerns the worktops, which can be not only utilitarian but also highly aesthetically pleasing.

There are many materials that can be used to create kitchen worktops and one of these is timber. In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we'll be sharing with you some of the main benefits and advantages of timber worktops.

Kitchen worktops are high-usage areas and so are vulnerable to wear and tear. The natural integrity of wood imbues it with strength, robustness and durability that enables it to stand up to continuous weight and pressure. Dents, scratches and other damage can be easily and quickly repaired, unlike with other materials like laminate, stone and marble.

Timber has natural beauty and character that can give a kitchen a warm, pleasant and homely feeling. Each piece of timber is one-of-a-kind, their complementary grains, textures and colours making each installation completely unique. The material is timeless and so works well with all interior decor schemes whether traditional or modern.

Many of the materials used for worktops become worn and tired looking over time but it is the total opposite with timber. The aesthetic of a wooden worktop improves with age, gradually developing an attractive patina that mellows and deepens its original colouration.

Hygiene is of prime importance in the kitchen. Timber has natural antibacterial qualities that make it ideal for use in areas where food is prepared and eaten. Keeping a wooden work surface clean is easy, requiring little maintenance and giving you more time to simply enjoy cooking.

Other worktop materials such as granite or marble are extremely dense as compared to timber; one effect of this is that a timber worktop is much better able to absorb noise. When you're working on a timber worktop, the sounds that are made do not resonate and are thus muted, resulting in a more pleasant acoustic environment.

At JAS Timber, we stock an extensive array of solid timber worktops in a variety of premium-quality woods including pine, walnut, sapele, maple, cherry and oak. You can also choose from a selection of exotic timber such as wenge and zebrano. Please browse our website to discover the complete collection and do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.

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