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Timber Porch Canopies from Richard Burbidge

Timber Door Canopies from Richard Burbidge

Timber Porch Canopy Accessories

 - Apex Timber Porch Canopy Frame - 1200mm/1600mm - LC001/LC002.
 - Flat Timber Porch Canopy Frame - 1200-1600mm - LC003.
 - Timber Porch Canopy Turned Side-Rails - 1800mm/2400mm - LC100/LC101.
 - Timber Porch Canopy Chamfered Side-Rails - 1800mm/2400mm - LC102/LC103.
 - Timber Porch Canopy Gallows Bracket - 700x605mm - LC300.
 - Timber Porch Canopy Finial - 690x75x75mm - LC200.

The full range of porch canopy accessories available to be fitted with a Richard Burbidge Timber Porch Canopy includes full-height side-rails, side-rails to fit on dwarf-walls, gallows brackets and a porch finial.

Richard Burbidge Timber Door Canopies and accessories comprise of a superb range of self-assembly kits.

Each Timber Porch Canopy product has been carefully designed with traditional joinery methods in mind, whilst being manufactured using state of the art machinery, ensuring you achieve a professional result every time.

Suitable for installation by the tradesperson and DIY-er alike, the advantage of these Timber Porch Canopy kits is the speed and ease of assembly.  No need to spend time designing; no need to make precise joinery cuts and pre-drills to each component, or spend time crafting joints to ensure a professional job.

Simply measure your door area, and select your preferred porch canopy and accessory combination.­  Be sure to apply a preservative to weather-protect the timber and install using the straigh­tforward guide. After that, your Timber Porch Canopy can be tiled, and painted or stained to the finish of your choice.

Special Offer

1200mm Apex Timber Porch Canopy Frame is only £148.00 (+vat).

1200-1600mm Flat Timber Porch Canopy Frame is only £111.00 (+vat).

1800mm Chamfered Side-Rails are only £95.10 (+vat).

700x605mm Canopy Gallows Bracket is only £24.40 (+vat).

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