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Timber Decking: The Importance of Green Treating

Despite its numerous qualities both practical and aesthetic, timber is prone to decay because it is a natural, organic material. To overcome this problem, timber can be subject to a treatment process that makes it more resistant to the damage caused by moisture, fungi and wood-boring insects.

JAS Timber is a proud supplier of green treated timber products. In this edition of our blog, you'll learn more about the green treatment process.

Green treated timber is sometimes referred to as 'pressure treated' or 'tanalised' timber. The process begins by placing untreated timber into a large tank, which is then thoroughly sealed to create a vacuum within. The next step involves pumping treatment chemicals into the tank: as the inside of the tank is a vacuum, the chemicals are forced into the timber. After the tank is opened and the timber removed, it is left to completely dry.

The main component of the treatment chemical is copper, which helps to protect the timber from rot. Biocide is also included in the mix, giving the timber protection from attack by fungi and wood-boring insects.

Apart from the cut ends of boards where the interior of the wood is exposed, green treated timber does not require any further treatment before being used to create garden decking. You can however choose to give the timber further treatment in order to make it even more robust and durable and prevent colour change over time.

Here at JAS Timber, we believe that our customers deserve the widest possible choice of decking components so that they can create exactly the structure they have in mind. Whether you're building a small, intimate deck or a grand structure with all the bells and whistles, we're here to support you with a comprehensive collection of materials, tools and accessories, along with expert advice from our technical team if you need it.

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