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Timber Decking FAQ: What is 'Green Treating'?

Timber has been used for thousands of years as a construction material thanks to its many qualities, from its strength and sustainability to its beautiful, natural aesthetic appearance. One of the few problems with using timber is that, as an organic material, it can be susceptible to decay and damage from things like moisture ingress and attack by wood-boring insects, algae, lichen and fungi.

Green treating is a process that helps to prevent these problems. This edition of our blog reveals more about the green treating process and how it helps to protect timber decking components like boards, spindles and balustrades.

You may sometimes see green-treated wood referred to as 'tanalised' or 'pressure treated' timber: whatever the name used, the treatment process is the same. Raw, untreated timber is first placed into a tank which is tightly sealed to create a vacuum inside it. Treatment chemicals are then pumped into the tank, where the vacuum forces these chemicals deeply into the pores of the timber. After this process is complete, the timber is removed from the tank and left to thoroughly dry out.

The principal ingredient that makes up the treatment chemical formula is copper. This helps to imbue the timber with strong protection against rot and decay, as well as giving the material its distinctive green colour. The formula also incorporates a biocide chemical, protecting the timber from fungi, algae, lichens and wood-boring insects. 

Green-treated timber does not require any additional treatment, with the exception of the cut ends of decking boards which exposes the interior of the timber. That said, you can if you wish further increase the strength and durability of the boards, as well as preventing any change in colour with time, with extra treatment. 

Whether you want to build a small and intimate decking structure or have something much grander in mind, JAS Timber can provide all of the materials you will need to achieve it. Check out our website to discover our full range of green treated timber decking components and, if you need any further information, support or advice, get in touch and our expert technical team will be happy to help.

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