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Thunderbolt Masonry Fixing

Thunderbolt - Hex Head Masonry Bolts

Thunderbolt Masonry Fixings

Thunderbolt Masonry-Fixings - Hex Head Masonry-Bolts

from A.P.Technik - APT / Unifix

Thunderbolts are a self-tapping masonry-anchor for use in fixing joists, beams and trimmers onto a variety of construction materials, including concrete, brick, blockwork, stone, marble and wood.

Manufactured to the highest technical standards for complete reliability, Thunderbolts are premium quality masonry-fixings, and provide the construction industry with a secure and dependable method of anchoring one material to a substrate.

No marking out is required, simply drill straight through the material to be fixed, into the substrate and screw in the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolts need a smaller drill size than for Rawlbolts or Sleeve Anchors; there is no expansion stress, so fixing close to an edge is possible; Thunderbolt masonry fixings anchor along the entire thread length, and are totally removable.­ 

Sizes :

  •   8x75mm Thunderbolt for 35mm Fixing - requires 6mm diameter drill.
  •   8x100mm Thunderbolt for 60mm Fixing - requires 6mm diameter drill.
  • 10x100mm Thunderbolt for 50mm Fixing - requires 8mm diameter drill.
  • 10x150mm Thunderbolt for 100mm Fixing - requires 8mm diameter drill.
  • 12x100mm Thunderbolt for 40mm Fixing - requires 10mm diameter drill.
  • 12x130mm Thunderbolt for 70mm Fixing - requires 10mm diameter drill.

    Thunderbolt Masonry Fixings start from £0.40 (+vat) each.
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