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The Benefits of Timber Worktops

Far from being simply a utilitarian space, a kitchen can be the hub of a home if it is well designed. A crucial aspect of kitchen design is the worktops, which should seamlessly combine form with function and practicality with aesthetic appeal. Timber is an ideal material for these purposes and in this edition of our blog we look at some of the benefits of timber worktops.

By their very nature, kitchen worktops are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Timber has a natural integrity that makes it strong, robust and durable, able to withstand an exceptional amount of pressure and weight as compared to other materials. Any scratches or dents can be easily repaired, unlike with marble, stone or laminate.

Timber has a unique beauty and plenty of character, bringing a warm and homely feeling to a kitchen. As it is a natural material, no two pieces of timber are exactly alike: the different yet complementary colours, textures and grains mean that every installation is absolutely unique. Timber never goes out of fashion and can be used with equal success to complement both traditional and contemporary interior design schemes.

Many materials used to make worktops start to look worn and tired with the progression of time. Timber has just the opposite quality: the appearance of a wooden worktop only improves with age, developing a glossy patina that deepens and mellows its natural original colour.

Many of us worry about hygiene levels in the kitchen. Timber boasts natural antibacterial properties, resulting in a hygienic surface to work on. This means that timber worktops require minimal maintenance to keep them clean and safe.&

Timber is much less dense than other worktop materials like marble and granite, which means it is better able to absorb sound. When working on a timber surface in the kitchen, any sounds will be muted and will not resonate, ensuring a more pleasant working environment when it comes to unwanted ambient noise.

Here at JAS Timber, you can choose from a wide range of timber work surfaces to help you create the perfect kitchen. Browse the available options on our website and do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.

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