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Take Control of Natural Light

Though there are now hundreds of different ways to light the interior of your home, none is quite as attractive and effective (not to mention cost-free!) as natural light. And when it comes to capturing that light, the best option is a roof window which will let it flood into the room beneath.

Roto Venetian Blind - VJA

Roto Standard Roller Blind ZRS

Roto ZRV Roof Windows Blackout Blinds

The downside to natural light is that you can't switch it on and off at will, unlike with artificial lighting. To combat the problem, we can use curtains or blinds which limit the amount of natural light permitted into a room. Roto Roof Blinds are the best option for roof windows and there is a wide variety of options within the range; JAS Timber offer access to an exciting selection, which currently carries an exclusive 10% price discount.

Five of the most popular varieties of Roto Roof Blinds are included in our 10% discount promotion and each comes with an array of features designed to improve the lighting charac­te­ristics of roof windows. Every product in the range is guaranteed to be of superior quality and will deliver the exact level of light control required in any number of situations.

The selection of Roto Roof Blinds with 10% discount includes:

  • Roto Exclusive Roller Blinds: enjoy at least 60% light exclusion with this style, rising up to 70% with some of the fabrics from the vast and diverse range available. Precision is delivered with the pull-bar, which can be set to any desired position to accurately control the light level in the room. Offering several advantages over the standard roller, including cassette housing with guide tracks for the easiest installation process, Roto Exclusive Roller Blinds deliver instant aesthetic perfection

  • Roto Blackout Blind: for total control, the Roto Blackout Blind is the one to choose. The design allows for complete exclusion of light, which is particularly suitable for those with sleeping problems or for use in nurseries (both the plant and the baby varieties!). A full complement of sizes is available to suit any roof window and, if you need further advice on this or any product from our website, the JAS Timber team is on hand to provide it

Our 10% discount promotion also applies to Pleated and Venetian Roto Roof Blinds, giving you the ability to create the perfect look and complete your roof windows. Buy now and save as this offer is for a very limited time!

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