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T & G Flooring and Cladding: Get Into the Groove!

Here at JAS Timber, we continually maintain plentiful stocks of a wide variety of timber products, including a comprehensive selection of T & G (Tongue and Groove) claddings, floorboards and matchboards. Ideal for many different applications, from laying floors to creating wainscot features and covering walls, these premium-quality products are available in many different types of timber including ash, oak, softwood and hardwood.

With Upper Gulf Fifth Scandinavian board, we use our state-of-the-art onsite machinery to create our selection of matchboards, claddings and floorboards, which includes wall claddings, dummy V-groove claddings, single-bead wallboard, reed and bead matchboard, VT & G matchboard, V-grooved floorboards and T & G floorboards.

How we machine these superlative items results in a product with enhanced stability, better aesthetics and smaller knots as compared to deep-cutting using larger, cheaper sections of timber. As with every single item supplied by JAS Timber, you are guaranteed to receive a professional-quality product at an extremely competitive price point.

Experienced builders and competent DIYers will be familiar with the T & G method, which is widely recognised as one of the strongest joints in construction. Each board incorporates both a tongue and a groove; the groove comprises a slot cut along one edge of the board, into which fits the tongue, which is a thin, deep ridge projecting outward. Each tongue fits strongly into the preceding groove, resulting in a seamless finished surface that is as robust as it is attractive.

Before use, the boards need to acclimatise to the indoor environment, in which the ambient air is drier and warmer; this will help to prevent any shrinkage, twisting or cupping. The boards should be allowed to complete this acclimatisation process slowly by being stacked in the same room in which they will be installed. It is important to shuffle the boards during the process to ensure that they dry out evenly, minimising the incidence of surface checking/­splitting that may occur due to natural changes in their moisture content.

Check out the JAS Timber website to discover our complete collection of timber T & G flooring and cladding. If you need any further information or advice, please get in touch with a member of our expert technical team.

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