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The comprehensive JAS Timber collection of products includes a wide variety of Tongue-and-Groove (T&G) Floorboards, Matchboards and Claddings. Made from a selection of different kinds of timber, the range includes Single-bead wallboard, Dummy V-groove cladding, Wall cladding, VT&G matchboard, V-groove floorboards, Reed and bead matchboard and T&G floorboards. 

The T&G method of fitting timber boards together results in a seamless surface as the boards fit snugly with one another from edge to edge, creating what is widely recognised as one of the strongest joints in construction. Each board has a groove, which is a slot that is cut along one edge. On the board's opposite edge is the tongue, which is a deep but thin ridge projecting outward to a length slightly smaller than the depth of the groove. The system works by slotting the tongue of one board into the groove of the preceding board as work progresses. 

Our collection of T&G Timber Boards includes:

Whitewood T&G Flooring

Made using PEFC-certified Scandinavian saw falling whitewood that has been planed, these boards are the most cost-effective choice for covered pine flooring applications. 3.0 to 4.5 metre lengths are normally available.

Redwood T&G Flooring

Machined from Upper Gulf Fifth redwood boards, these floorboards are thicker than equivalent whitewood boards and will give a much more attractive finished floor. 3.6m to 4.2m lengths are often available.

Solid Oak T&G Flooring

Machined from solid American White Oak boards, this flooring is thicker than equivalent oak floorboard from engineered brands and will give a very attractive finished floor. Various lengths are available.

VT&G Reeded & Beaded Pine Cladding

These boards are perfect for a variety of applications including for use to create feature wainscot panelling. 'Reed' refers to the bevel edge while 'bead' refers to the pencil-shaped detail. 4.2 metre and 4.8 metre lengths are available.

Pine VT&G Matchboard

Deep-cut from top-quality Scandinavian redwood, these V-joint T&G pine cladding boards are perfect for use as boarded infill panels on internal ceilings and walls. Various lengths are available. 

Dummy-Groove VT&G Redwood

Made from Red Deal Scandinavian pine, this product is designed for the timber cladding of internal ceilings and walls, where it will give an attractive narrow board V-joint effect. Various lengths are available.

V-Clad VT&G Oak Cladding - DEC5001

These matchboards are made using genuine FAS solid American white oak and are of superlative quality. 2.4 metre lengths are available.

Shiplap Cladding

Sometimes referred to as 'cove side cladding', 'cove cladding' or 'cove siding', these T&G boards are used to deliver a shiplap effect on ceilings and walls. They can be used in the outdoor environment for garden buildings providing they are treated with appropriate preservatives and weat­her­pro­ofing. Various lengths are available.

Find out more details about these products, along with our complete collection of timber T&G flooring and cladding products 

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