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Stairs: The Record Breakers!

Here at JAS Timber, we supply a superlative collection of stair parts, all manufactured from the highest-quality timber. This May, you can make big savings on selected pine and oak stair parts, allowing you to create the perfect staircase in your home or workplace. As this month is all about stairs, we have taken a dive into the record-books to bring you some of the craziest stair-related records. Don't try these at home...

Most Stairs Ascended While Juggling

Most of us find juggling difficult enough but imagine doing it while climbing the stairs! That's exactly what Spain's Christian Roberto López Rodríguez did, managing to climb a mind-boggling total of 2,082 stairs while simultaneously and continuously juggling with three balls.

Most Stairs Ascended with a Person Balanced on the Head

Pablo Nonato Panduro achieved this bonkers record in October 2018. After his friend Joel Yaicate Saavedra climbed onto Pablo's head and did his best to get comfortable, Pablo successfully ascended 97 stairs, gaining him the coveted place in the record books.

Most Stairs Ascended on the Head

Li Longlong from China secured his title as a record-breaker by climbing 34 stairs while standing precariously on his head. Not content with this, he attempted the feat again: this time, he managed another two stairs, bringing his record-breaking total up to 36. Perhaps not surprisingly, nobody else has yet attempted to better this total.

Most Stairs Descended in a Wheelchair

Stairs can often be an impediment to wheelchair users but that is certainly not the case for Italy's Haki Achille Doku! Over the course of one hour, Haki managed to descend 2,917 stairs in his wheelchair, setting an as-yet unbeaten world record.&

Most Stairs Descended by a Slinky

Jointly-held by Hugh Hunt and Marty Jopson of the UK, the record for the most stairs descended by a Slinky is 30. Though this may seem like a small number, the fact is that many attempts to break the record have failed, despite it being set back in February 2014.

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