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Special Offers on Timber Mouldings!

Timber mouldings have many uses in construction and can be used to create an array of structural features that offer both practical and aesthetic value. Providing designers and builders with the opportunity to transform the look of a room, timber mouldings are a crucial piece of kit and help to conceal unattractive joints, edges and gaps to give a completed look to a project.

Here at JAS Timber, we stock a wide variety of timber mouldings, many of which are currently available with an attractive price discount.

Pine is one of the most popular materials chosen when it comes to timber mouldings. The material has a beautiful natural glow that works well with most interior design schemes and helps to make a room appear larger thanks to the way in which it reflects light.

When crafting pine mouldings, the maximum possible amount of timber from each tree is used. This makes pine mouldings an especially environmentally friendly component. The stable mouldings can be used for many different applications, including:

  • Skirtings and Architraves. Architraves are narrow mouldings and are used to surround doors and windows, giving a tidy and attractive appearance. Cut to a wider width, timber mouldings used for skirting boards go around a room at the base of the walls. Different styles and heights can be used to create different characters and period styles. 
  • Cornices. Timber mouldings placed between the junction of walls and ceilings are called cornices. As well as covering the join, cornices create an attractive design feature. 
  • Dado and Picture Rails. Picture rails go around the wall towards the top edge while dado are placed just above the wall's centre. Both of these options add character to a room and give a beautiful finishing touch. 
  • Staircase Components. Staircases do not have to be purely functional structural components. Adding pine mouldings like spindles, newels and hand/base rails can completely transform their appearance, making a design feature out of the staircase and really adding to the visual appeal of a property.

To achieve the most professional results, it is essential to choose materials of the very finest quality and that's why you should purchase from JAS Timber. Our timber mouldings, along with everything else we supply, are guaranteed to be of 100% professional quality and brought to you at a consistently competitive price.

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