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Shut That Door! Were you Born in a Barn!?

One of the worst things about the spring and summer in the UK is the damned weather! Cold and wet or hot and dry, sometimes at the same time (however impossible that may seem!). It makes getting to wherever you’re going more pleasant thought, as you can finally get inside get warm/­cool/­dry/­whatever again!

DOOR CLOSER Size2-4 Overhead - Hoppe-Arrone® AR3500SE SilverAnd so one of the WORST things is when that place has a door left open to the elements, meaning you are no warmer/­cooler/­drier inside than out! Whether it is a hotel lobby, waiting room, store or anything else, the frustration of being as-cold-out-as-in can be avoided with a door closer: JAS timber recommend those from manuf­ac­turers Hoppe and offer them for sale at the most competitive price.

Used in the USA from the 1930s and spreading to Europe after the Second World War, door closers are now a common sight above many doors both in the home and at work. Although most importantly installed to fire doors in order to make sure they stay closed in the event of fire, slowing down the spread of smoke and flames, door closers have a variety of other benefits to their usage.

As a door with a door closer installed is opened, the energy is stored by torsion or compression and then released slowly to close the open door; the speed at which this process happens can be adjusted in order to create the perfect balance between safety and functi­onality.

An efficient door closer can be used to maintain the temperature of a room by making sure the time the door spends in an open position is minimised. By regulating the amount of strength needed to push the door open, lighter external doors can be made safe from being caught by wind, a problem that can have serious implications to both the door and its user. Buildings can be given an extra defence against intruders, insects and weather by installing a door closer, particularly in public buildings where users are often lax about closing doors behind them.

Check out our most popular door closer and never have to ask anyone if they were ‘born in a barn’ again!

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