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Shut that Door! Overhead Door Closers at JAS Timber

As well as potentially saving lives when fitted to a fire door, overhead door closers offer a host of benefits from enhancing security to helping to maintain a constant ambient air temperature indoors. JAS Timber supply an extensive range of these crucial components from top brands like Hoppe-Arrone, Frisco and Eurospec.

Here we present key details about individual door closers now available from JAS Timber.

AR450-SE Hoppe® Silver Door CloserHoppe-Arrone AR450 Series Overhead Door Closer

The consistently-popular AR450 series from Hoppe-Arrone combines the dual functions of delayed action and backcheck within a single, standardised unit. Versatile and flexible, the door closer is perfectly suited for use in high-frequency commercial and municipal applications, such as hospitals, educational establishments, hotels, offices and public buildings. The product is manufactured from top-quality steel and can be supplied in a choice of either Silver or Grey. Order before April 30th 2020 and save a massive 25%!

900-Series size.3-6 Overhead Door Closer - 28900Frisco 900 Series Overhead Door Closer

Supplied complete with a reassuring 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, the Frisco 900 series overhead door closer is approved for use on doors with a 1-hour fire rating.

The brass closer is power-adjustable via hydraulic valves, allowing both closing and latching speeds to be accurately defined. A Figure 66 bracket, required for installation, is supplied with each purchase.

Door Closer Size 2-4 DCT2024-SV EuroSpecEurospec DCT2024-SV Overhead Door Closer

This Certifire-tested product is part of Eurospec's bestselling 'EasiExit' collection of panic door fittings. With variable power and a super-wide opening angle of a full 180 degrees, the Eurospec DCT2024-SV hydraulic door closer is suitable for most general applications and is sold at an extremely competitive and cost-effective price. A backcheck version is also available, along with optional accessory packs.

Discover the complete JAS Timber collection of door closers on our website.

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