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Scotia Timber Beading: How to Trim a Wooden Floor

Wooden flooring is extremely popular thanks to the many benefits and advantages it provides. In addition to a wide selection of timber flooring options, JAS Timber also supplies a range of scotia beads, which are used around a wooden floor's edge and provide both practical and aesthetic value.

In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we'll share with you a step by step guide on installing scotia timber beading.

Timber flooring naturally absorbs and releases moisture due to changes in the temperature of the surrounding air, causing small but significant changes in the relative size of the wood. Dry air causes the timber to contract while humid air causes it to expand. To accommodate these changes, wooden floor installations require a small gap along the outside edge.

Though the gap is crucial, it is not particularly attractive and, if not concealed, leaves the floor looking unfinished. Scotia timber beads are the ideal way to provide the necessary concealment.

Step by Step Installation Guide

  • Measure around the perimeter of the timber floor to determine how much beading you need, adding an extra 20% to the total to allow for any wastage. Purchase the required amount of beading from JAS Timber to ensure you receive a top-quality product at the most competitive price. 
  • You will need a hammer, nails and a mitre saw. JAS Timber is proud to work with ToolBank Express, offering access to over 25,000 different tools and accessories including these essentials. 
  • If you are going to paint or stain the scotia beading to match your floor, do this before you begin the installation.
  • Using the mitre saw, cut the scotia bead lengths to fit along the straight sections of skirting. Cuts should be made at 45-degree angles. 
  • Once the beads are cut to size, lay them in place around the perimeter of the floor to check that coverage is correct.
  • Begin nailing the beads to the skirting. Use one nail for each 30cm of the bead. Never nail the beads directly to the timber floor as this can cause future expansion issues. 
  • If there are any uneven sections of the skirting board or wall, this can result in gaps appearing when the beads are fixed into place. If this happens, use a flexible wood filler to remedy the problem.

For more details about our range of scotia timber beading, check out the JAS Timber website and get in touch with our technical team if you need further information or advice

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