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Save 25% on Selected Oak Mouldings!

At JAS Timber, we are passionate about creating and supplying an extensive selection of products made using timber of the absolute finest quality. All of our products are brought to you, our discerning customers, at the most competitive price and there are always extra savings to be made with our ever-changing array of special offers. This month, you can save a massive 25% on a selection of oak mouldings from our collection.

Oak is a premium timber type, which offers a host of benefits and advantages as a construction material. To begin with, oak is exceptionally beautiful, with a naturally rich and luxurious aesthetic that is hard to beat. At once striking and subtle, oak components boast myriad different tones and textures, which complement one another to product a uniquely-charming visual appearance.

On the practical side, oak is an extremely durable material. Naturally sturdy and strong, oak offers an extensive surface life with low maintenance requirements. Though the premium material may come at a higher initial cost than with lesser types of timber, this unmatched durability means that oak is in fact an investment that will soon pay for itself.

Some of the oak mouldings currently available with that 25% discount include:

  • Oak Quadrant Glazing Bead. As well as being used as a glazing bead, this product can also be used for finishing around corners in oak flooring projects and as a moulding to surround panels
  • Ovolo Doorstop Timber Bead. When used in conjunction with oak lining boards, the ovolo doorstop timber bead is perfect for forming oak door linings
  • Door Threshold Cover-Bead. Giving a smart, finished look, this product is used as a mould to cover the floor between adjoining doorways
  • Oak Barrel Mould. An especially versatile product, the oak barrel mould can be used for a variety of applications including as a cover mould or panel bead

All of these products are sourced from Cheshire Mouldings, a leading brand in this field. Crafted from the finest American white oak, the mouldings are designed to be substantially free of knots. The mouldings can be purchased singly or, for added cost-effectiveness, in bundles of 10 or 20 mouldings.

It is important to note that these mouldings are designed for internal use in dry domestic locations and should be fixed in place as soon as possible in order to avoid twisting and movement caused by natural changes in the content of moisture.

Check out the JAS Timber website to discover our complete collection of oak mouldings currently available with a limited-time 25% price discount!

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