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Save 20% on our Bestselling Pine Panel Moulds!

At JAS Timber, we work with a small number of carefully-selected partner companies to bring our customers the widest possible range of choice. One of these companies is the highly-renowned Cheshire Mouldings, which has created one of our bestselling products: pine panel moulding. This product is currently available with an attractive price discount of 20%.

Broken ogee and flush panel pine moulds from Cheshire Mouldings are perfect for use around timber panel instal­la­tions in any room of the house, where they will immediately deliver an aesthe­tic­ally-pleasing, finished look. The product can also be used as a glazing bead in dry, domestic internal locations.

Pine panel mouldings are expertly machined from Scandinavian timber, which is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Commission (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certi­fica­tion (PEFC), guaranteeing responsible sourcing. The timber has very few knots and, as a natural material, displays many variations in colour and grain, making each piece authen­tic­ally unique.

We supply these attractive components in a range of sizes and each piece measures 2.4m. It is important to note that these mouldings are only recommended for internal use: any external use is at your own risk as it is much more preferable to use pressure-treated timber for external appli­cations. Good maintenance will increase the life expectancy of timber.

At JAS Timber, we are always seeking to improve cost-effec­tiveness for our customers and the limited 20% price discount on this item is just one of many promotional products available. Browse our website now to discover lots more cost savings!

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