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Save 10% on Solid Hardwood Worktops from Derablok!

The kitchen is a practical, utilitarian space but, with careful design choices, can be so much more. One of the key elements of any kitchen is worktops, which as well as providing space for preparing and cooking food can also be an important aesthetic feature. Timber is the perfect material for worktops and we will be exploring some of its many benefits and advantages in this edition of the JAS Timber blog.

The continual usage of worktops means that they are susceptible to damage over time. Timber boasts a natural integrity that gives it exceptional strength and durability, meaning that a timber worktop can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. Other traditional worktop materials like marble and granite can easily be chipped, which is expensive, difficult and time-consuming to repair.

Hygiene is of general importance around the home but nowhere more so than in the kitchen where food is prepared and stored. This makes timber, with its natural anti-bacterial properties, an ideal material for crafting worktops. Maintenance requirements are minimal, lowering your workload in the kitchen.

Cooking can be a noisy business. As timber is much less dense than other materials like marble and granite, a wooden worktop has a better ability to absorb these noises, muting them by preventing resonance. This results in an acoustic working environment that is far more pleasant.

When it comes to aesthetics, little can match the rich, luxurious beauty of timber. The predominant colour in most kitchens is white and so the warm tones of a timber worktop provide a pleasing visual accent that softens the dazzling whiteness. As time progresses, the appearance of a timber worktop continuously improves as its patina develops, deepening and enhancing its original colour.

Timber is a timeless material that never goes out of style. It has an unmatched versatility that allows it to complement an extensive variety of interior decor schemes, whether these are traditional, contemporary or a unique hybrid of both.

At JAS Timber, we proudly supply solid hardwood worktops crafted by Derablok. This top-class brand was created by Deralam which was established in 1983 as an independent, family-run company, which it remains to this day. We also supply a selection of Derablok accessories such as upstands and breakfast-bar tops. The worktops are available in a wide range of different sizes in oak, beech, walnut and exotic iroko timber.

For a limited time, JAS Timber is offering a special price discount of 10% right across our selection of Derablok timber worktops. More information is available on our website, where you will also find details about other brands of worktops we supply along with accessories such as worktop legs and sealing oil.

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