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Roto Roof Windows - The Complete System from JAS Timber

Light has a profound effect on the human brain and it has been shown that sunlight in particular has a positive effect on health and mood. Indoor areas that are flooded with natural light are pleasant to be in and roof windows are an ideal way to get it - JAS Timber highly recommend the Roto Roof Window System.

Roto have always been pioneers in the industry, inventing Top-third Tilt & Turn window hardware and producing top-hung roof windows. Now recognised worldwide as a market leader in the field, Roto continue to evolve and develop new products and production methods with a sharp focus on envi­ron­mental impact - the company have recently become involved with solar technology.

Features and benefits Roto roof windows include:

  • The usage of premium-quality construction materials

  • A high level of durability that is constantly tested

  • Simple and straigh­tforward yet powerful and intelligent single-handed controls

  • Improved security

  • Intuitively pre-assembled components designed to facilitate fast, reliable installation

  • Made from easily-recyclable materials to reduce impact on the environment

JAS Timber can quickly supply a full range of Roto rooflights fabricated from Oak, Pine or PVC. Our knowled­ge­able team are always available to guide you through the collection of products to locate the most suitable for your intended application.

As well as the roof windows themselves, JAS Timber also stock a variety of accessories including:

  • Window Flashings - Use on slate or tile roofs for single or multiple windows, either stacked or side by side. Arrays of rooflights can be created in this way, creating a conti­nu­ously-glazed look and increasing the amount of natural light within the property

  • Blinds - Choose from roller, Venetian or pleated blinds; a blackout option is also available so your lie-in isn’t disturbed!

  • Extension Poles - Open your new roof window with ease, however high it is

  • Control Systems - Raise or lower your Roto blind without leaving your chair using the exclusive remote control or switch options

  • External Awnings - Let air in while keeping light out; perfect for when it’s too bright and too hot!

Get the complete Roto roof windows system from JAS Timber now - head over to the product page to find out more.

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