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Roto Roof Window ZAR 'Sun Screen' Exterior Blind

Roto Exterior Blind
Product code 3502-External-Blind-ZAR
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Roto Roof Window - 'Sun-Screen' External Blind - ZAR

The Roto Roof Window Sun-Screen is effective in blocking the sun's heat externally, to keep your loft room cool, and stop it being heated up by the sun.­ (With an internal blind, the heat has already entered the room when it reaches the blind.)­ The Roto ‘Screen’ Exterior Blind with its plastic-coated glass fibre fabric, ensures that appro­ximately 70% of the sun's heat radiation doesn’t reach the window pane in the first place. Even if the blind has been pulled down, the roof window still opens or can be put in the cleaning position.­ The Roto External Screen isn't completely opaque - Objects can still be made out when looking through the screen. Combining the exterior sun-screen with an internal blind is a good idea. Heat protection together with a darkening blind is an effective package.

 - Effective sun screening.
 - Still operates when the window is open.
 - The perfect addition to Roto accessories.

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Fitting -

Is very easy; At the bottom of the roof-window opener there are 2 depressions to fit lugs provided with the external blind. There are 4 pre-formed screw holes under the roof window’s top external aluminium cover where the cassette of the Exterior Blind needs to be fitted.

Mode of Operation -

To pull the exterior blind down, the window needs to be merely put into the cleaning position. It is hooked into the lugs provided. In its rolled up state, the ‘Screen’ Exterior Blind disappears under the roof window’s top external aluminium cover.

 Write the Serial Number of your Window in the Special Instructions Box when ordering, so that Roto can make the Sunscreen Cassette to fit;
* To locate the Serial Number of your window it will either be on a metal serial plate or coloured plastic tag situated either within the frame of the window, at the very top of the opening-sash or on the opening pivot-arm (try the RHS one from inside) just outside the opening-sash as you open it.

* If you are unsure, please phone us for help - JAS Timber 01254 54000

Also available - Roto Exterior Roller Shutters - ZRO (Manual, Electric & Solar powered.);
Roto External Awnings - ZMA (Electric & Solar powered.);

- "Roof Blinds are made to order by Roto Germany - They are non-returnable products."

Roto Roof Window Blinds are bespoke items manufactured to order by Roto-Frank in 10 to 14 working days, and will be sent by post to your home address. (Anyone quoting a shorter lead-time than this is likely only to be supplying a copy of this genuine product.)
"Roof Window Blinds are Non-Returnable Products"

Further details at : Roto Roof Windows

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