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Roto Designo R7 Oak Roof Window - Top-Third Pivot

Roto Designo R7 - Oak Roof Window
  • Roto Designo R7 - Oak Roof Window
  • Roto Designo R7 - Oak Roto Roof Windows
  • Roto Designo R7 - Roto Roof Window Handle
  • Roto Designo R7 - Oak Roto Roof Window Handle
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  • £378.00
  • £453.60

Roto Designo R7 Oak Roof Windows
- Real Oak Top-third Pivot Opening Rooflight

Our current offer is 20% off the Roto Pine Roof Window Price List;

Call at Blackburn to see our R7 Pine display window with Roto Blackout Blind, to see the advantage of the Top-third patented Opening Sash, and to see a sample of the Oak window frame - Phone before travelling - 01254 54000 -

- Made from length bonded solid Oak components, for stability and appearance;
- The right Roof Window for all your needs with unique outward-opening Top-third pivot technology;
- This gives more headroom, and MOE use for 7/9 to 7­/16 (Means of Escape);
- Bottom positioned single handle operation for all functions;
- Ventilation via handle locking point;
- Standard Roto blueLine Glazing (TSG 4mm / Argon 16mm / Metal-coated Float 4mm) Page 10 of the Roto 2014 Catalogue
- Optional Roto Ornament Glazing or Roto blueLine Plus Self-cleaning Glazing;
- Vapour barrier as standard;
- Locks in the cleaning position for secure maintenance;
- Optional thermal insulation collar to reduce heat loss.

An outward-opening, top-third pivoting double-glazed Oak window, with an exterior cladding of anthracite-grey polyester-coated aluminium. The opening action raises the opener higher than cheaper centre-pivot roof windows, to give more headroom. The high pivot hinge­/axis means minimal top-window intrusion back into the living space; Smaller frame profiles - give maximum light.

See all categories of Roto Windows - RotoQ Budget Loft Products - Roto Loft Products

Designo R7 Top-third Pivot Roof Window:
Always check with your Architect or Building Inspector before fitting Oak Roof Windows.

Oak Roof-window Sizes - Light-area in m2 - and approximate Glass size;
5/7 - 540x  780mm - 0.24 m2;
5/9 - 540x  980mm - 0.31 m2 - 464x904mm;
7/9 - 740x  980mm - 0.48 m2 - 664x904mm;
7/11 740x1180mm - 0.59 m2 - 864x904mm;
9/11 940x1180mm - 0.80 m2;

Many other catalogue sizes are now available to special order, generally on 6 to 8 weeks factory manuf­ac­turing time;
Oak Roof Window sizes such as - 6/11 - 7/14 - 7/16 - 9/16 - 11­/11 - 13­/9 - 13/14 can now be made to order - POA;
Combine this with special glazing options such as Obscure or Blue-Tinted glass for a truly bespoke Oak Roof Window.

Roto Oak Roof Windows have solid oak lengths, bonded together for stability; The timber is selected for colour, so it appears to be a single solid piece of luxury Oak grain - see our Oak frame sample in Blackburn.

These Oak Roof Windows can be fitted easily and quickly into roof slopes of 15 to 65 degrees, using standard polyester coated aluminium flashings for tile or slate roofs. Easy and safe ventilation using the single bottom handle, for all functions, with easy and safe cleaning when locked in the cleaning position.
The 7/9 and up to 7/16 can be used as Means of Escape roof windows (MOE) and exceed the regulations for this use, which requires a minimum opening of 0.33 square metres, to be used as a fire escape.

A Roof Window Flashing for slate or tile is required to fit a Roto Roof Window - Roto Roof Flashings

- Oak Roto-Tronic Electric-opener Roof-Windows are available, See - Oak Rototronic Roof Window
- Oak Conser­vation Roof Windows & Oak Roto-Tronic Conser­vation Roof Windows are also available to order;

Far easier to fit than Velux Roof Windows - only 12 fitting screws required (24 for Velux), as the roof fixing brackets are already attached to the frame.
Specialist glazing available if required - eg Obscure glazing £35 +vat extra.
While there is no Oak roof window in the Velux range to compare with
- we think our price is very reasonable for this unique premium quality roof window.
Flashings available for slate, tiles, high profile tiles and window combi­nations.

See - 7 Reasons to fit Roto Roof Windows

See further details at the Roto website - Roto Roof Windows

Fitting instruc­tions, energy efficiency and many other details can be found at : Roto Roof Windows.­co.­uk

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R7 Oak Roof Windows can be ordered online -
Select the Oak R7 size you need from the Drop-down menu, & add to basket;
 Continue Shopping <--- & Order 1 Roto Delivery Item - Roto Mainland England Delivery
Roto charge £50 +vat for a delivery to most Mainland England areas;
Delivery to Mainland Scotland is from £100 +vat
 - POA;
or if you are in our local area, please contact us about our van delivery -

Payment - We can now take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Roof Windows in Oak
Van Delivery of Roto Oak Roof Windows on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire & the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa (from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat;)

Approximate weights of Roto R7 Designo Solid Oak Loft Windows are shown in Kg;

Carrier Delivery may not be possible for these Glazed Oak Roof Windows;
Haulier Delivery of Oak Roof Windows by pallet delivery is safer.

(Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about Roto Real Oak R7 Roof Windows, so that we can quote for delivery.)

- The March 2016 Roto Oak Roof Window Price List is current - 01­/03/2018 -
- Please phone us at JAS Roof Windows with any enquiries on Roto R7 Solid Oak Roof Windows - 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Oak Roof Windows correct, but mistakes can be made!