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Roto Roof Window Blind - ZRS Standard Roller

Roto Standard Roller Blind ZRS
Product code 3502-ZRS-Standard-Roller-Blind-ZRS
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  • £51.60

Roto Blinds - Roof Window Standard Roller Blind - ZRS

- Due to supply issues Roto Blinds are only available for Special Order - approx. 20 weeks lead time - contact us for more information.

Roto Standard Roller Blinds are fixed to the interior of the roof window, the translucent blind fabric protects against glaring light and being over-looked (possibly 60/70% light exclusion). The window-blind pull bar can be stopped at 3 positions, adjusting light to the room. It is not supplied with side guide tracks or a cassette for the blind roll; these features are available with the Roto Exclusive Roller Blind. On this standard blind, there is a gap of appro­ximately 10mm down either side of the blind to give room for the plastic pull-bar stops, and there is a gap above the roller, that increases as more blind is pulled down. (For almost total light exclusion, choose the Roto Blackout Blind.)

 - Reflection of Bright Sunlight.
 - Waterproof, Non-Fading & Easy to Clean Fabric.
 - Profiles in White & Aluminium.

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To choose the correct Standard Roller Blind for your Roto Roof Window -

First check the serial number on your window;
From inside, this is normally on a blue or red plastic-tag, or metal-plate on the Right-Hand Side of the frame or opener, within the rebate.
For more help go to the Roto website & see - Roto Name Plate

Then select from the drop-down menu options above :

- 1) Choose the correct window series;
- 2) Choose the correct window size;
- 3) Choose the correct profile colour; (Available with White Rail Trims for PVC Windows or Aluminium Rail Trims for Timber Windows)
- 4) Choose the correct blind colour - view ( Roto website > & see Roto Standard Blind Click on "Decors" near the bottom of the page; )

Colours are shown as a guide only; variations are possible for technical reasons.

Write the Serial Number in the Special Instructions box when ordering, so that we can check the details are correct with ROTO, as there are variations of size as well as profile of the window-section - Without the serial number, you are taking a rise of ordering the wrong blind; Roof window blinds are made to order by Roto Germany - they are non-returnable products.

320 Series Windows can be ordered with a window code, as there are different sections for the same window size.

- If you are unsure, please phone us for help - JAS Timber 01254 54000

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Roto Roof Window Blinds are bespoke items manufactured in Poland by Roto-Frank, in 10 to 14 working days (up to 3 weeks);
They will be sent by 2 day DHL carrier direct from Poland.
(Anyone quoting a shorter lead-time than this is likely only to be supplying a copy of this genuine product; There are 30,000 options of size and colour.)
- "Roof Binds are made to your order by Roto Germany - they are non-returnable products."

Roto Blinds are easy to install if the fitting instructions (sent with the blind), are followed;
Further details at :
 Roto Blinds

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Payment - We can now take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Roto Roller Blinds
Van Delivery of Roto Standard Roller Blinds on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire & the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa (from £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat)

Approximate weights of Roto Standard Roller Window Blinds are shown in Kg;

Carrier Delivery is possible on Roto Roller Blinds from £11.40 +vat per order; ( Zone A mainland - poa other zones).
(Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about Roto Standard Blinds, so that we can quote for delivery.)

- The March 2016 Roto Roof Window Blind Price List is current - 01­/03/2018 -
- Please phone us at JAS Timber with any enquiries on Roto Standard Roller Blinds - 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Roto Roller Blinds correct, but mistakes can be made!