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Roto Blackout Window Blinds

Genuine Roto Roof Window Blackout Roller Blinds

Roto Blackout Blinds

Roto Blackout Roller Blinds are fixed to the interior of the roof window, the coated opaque blind fabric protecting against light penetration almost completely - the lateral guide in aluminium or white tracks prevents light penetrating around the edges.­ Appro­ximately 95% light exclusion is acheived. This however, is recommended in conjunction with an exterior blind, to prevent heating of patterned blinds if the blind is left closed in intense sunshine. To give a superior reflective performance, plain colours have a special foil woven into the fabric; this can be seen as a dotted appearance on the fabric.

How to Assemble Roto Roof Window Blinds - Roof Window BLIND Assembly Animation

 - Effective Darkening without Light Penetrating on the Sides.
 - Continuous Guide Tracks.
 - 2 Types of Fabric Quality, 26 Decors & Colours Available.
 - Guide Tracks White or Aluminium.
 - Easy Installation. 

Special Offers

7/9 Blackout Window Blinds are £90.00 (+vat).
7/11 Blackout Window Blinds are £96.00 (+vat).
7/14 Blackout Window Blinds are £103.00 (+vat).

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