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Roto Blackout Blinds available from JAS Timber!

There are many benefits to fitting a Roto Blackout Blind to your roof window, but the main reason this style is so popular is its ability to stop light entering a room, even during the day. The Roto Blackout Blind is ideal for light sleepers, who wake up the second sunlight enters the room in the morning - especially as winter approaches.

During the day, you can block out daylight to enjoy an afternoon nap or a TV programme without the glare of the sun. At night, stop street lights and moonlight disturbing your sleep.

There are various colours and patterns available, including white, red, yellow, orange and midnight blue, as well as a range of patterns.
Why don’t you have a look at our range now and find something that suits you?

We also sell Roto Standard Roller Blinds, Exclusive Roller Blinds,­ Pleated Blinds &­ Venetian Blinds - Manuf­ac­tured by the Roto Factory in Germany to fit their Roto Roof Windows...

Tell us the full Roto Code (marked on every Roto window) to ensure that the blackout blind fits your roof window perfectly.

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