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Radiator Cabinets from our Bespoke Joinery Collection

Here at the JAS Timber premises, we have a large, purpose-built area for creating bespoke joinery products. Equipped with the very best machinery which is operated by our experienced team of professionals, the workshop is used to craft a wide range of top-class products that includes porch canopies, door and window frames, gates, staircases, doors and a whole lot more besides.

One of the products made in our workshop and consistently popular with our customers is made-to-measure radiator cabinets. These items offer a host of advantages, some of which we will be showcasing in this edition of the JAS Timber blog.

Better Safety

You can't tell how hot the surface of a radiator is simply by looking at it and anyone who has accidentally touched a hot radiator will be well aware of just how painful it can be. Vulnerable people like children and the elderly are even more at risk from such burns. By installing a custom radiator cabinet crafted by the experts at JAS Timber, such accidents are completely prevented.

Better Aesthetics

A radiator, while being a crucial component in any property, is not particularly attractive to the eye and does not lend itself well to any interior decor scheme. This problem can be instantly and completely solved with a bespoke radiator cabinet from JAS Timber. Each cabinet is carefully sanded before delivery, offering you a blank canvas which can be varnished, stained or painted however you want, making it a complementary and attractive feature.

Extra Space

In most properties, space comes at a premium and so you want to make as much of it as you can. The area around the radiator is wasted space. Bespoke radiator cabinets from JAS Timber are completed with a smooth and flat surface on the top, which can be used as a shelf for either storage or as a place to display ornaments.

Better Acoustics

While switched on or when heating and cooling, radiators can produce unpleasant sounds that are distracting. Installing a custom-made radiator cabinet acts to reduce the level of such noises and provides a better indoor acoustic environment.

Our made-to-measure radiator cabinets can be produced in a wide range of materials including American white oak, Pine, MDF or sapele, which is an attractive dark-red hardwood. For more information, please visit the product page and get in touch with our customer service team for a free, fast and no-obligation quote.

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