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Cheshire Mouldings was established in Warrington in 1988 by the Carney family, who successfully continued the business there until moving to their current premises in St. Helens. With a single driving wish - ‘To be the Best’, the family strive to bring excellence to every level of their operation, producing timber components and finished items of exceptional quality.

The company pay sharp attention to their envi­ron­men­tal policies and seek to reduce their impact on the environment in as many ways as possible, including:

  • Adhering to the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) - Cheshire Mouldings do not use endangered timber species and are certified against all major forest cer­ti­fica­tion standards

  • Developing systems to better trace and monitor raw materials and make more informed purchasing choices

  • Seeking evidence from suppliers in other countries that local and national laws are being upheld when producing timber

  • Remaining up-to-date on changes in inter­national legislation and process

  • Obtaining timber from well-managed forests and other sustainable sources

You can be sure that choosing timber from Cheshire Mouldings is the greenest possible choice!

Oak D-Mould - Solid Timber

Available in a standard size of (34x6mm x 2.4 Metres), this quality oak beading is extremely versatile. Machined from the finest white oak, renowned for its strength and aesthetic value, this timber is ideal for use as edging boards, cover moulds or panel moulding. Check out our super-competitive price too - just £6.00 excl. VAT.

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Stair Parts - Oak Newel Turning

This gorgeous, classically-shaped newel turning is designed to be used with other products from the range (such as newel caps and bases) to build safe, attractive and robust staircases. Again, American white oak has been used to fashion this wonderful design that somehow manages to appear both antique and contemporary si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

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These are just two of the products manufactured by Cheshire Mouldings and available to purchase today from JAS Timber. Please enjoy browsing the complete collection.

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