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Quality Timber Mouldings & Beadings from JAS Timber!

Timber Mouldings & Beadings available to buy online from JAS Timber!

JAS Timber offers a large range of softwood mouldings and beadings in various sizes.

Below are just a few of the timber mouldings and beadings available to purchase online from JAS Timber today!

Pine Dowel Mould

Unfinished pine Dowel mouldings, sourced from Cheshire Mouldings or Richard Burbidge, range in size from 6mm to 35mm in diameter. Dowel are typically used to reinforce woodworking joints in place, and have a variety of other DIY appli­cations, including; use as a rail, curtain pole and plugging screw holes. 
Check out our competitive prices starting from £0.90 excl. VAT.

Pine D-Mould
D-Mouldings are available in both 1.5" and 2" mouldings. They are perfect for adding a smooth edge to shelves, worktops and claddings, and so is a must have purchase for any renovation project, ideal for use around the internal of your home. This moulding is priced compe­titively for just £2.24 excl. VAT for both sizes. 

Pine Corner Bead

Corner Beads range in size from 18mm to 40mm. They can be used for many applications around the house, and provide a tidy and professional finish to a wide range of projects, and are ideal for use on internal corners to hide gaps, rough edges and screw holes.
Prices start from £2.90 excl. VAT.

Pine Quadrant Beading

Quadrant Beadings range in size from 9mm to 21mm. They are ideal for covering gaps between internal corners. The profile of the Quadrant bead makes it the perfect covering the expansion gap around the perimeter of wood flooring. It can easily be cut to size and provides a neat and professional finish.
Prices start from £1.00 excl. VAT.

These are just a few of the wide variety of timber mouldings available to purchase today from JAS Timber.
Please enjoy browsing the full range.

We also have a number of Timber Mouldings and Beading on Special Offer with 20%!

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