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Premium Fixings for Timber and Masonry

JAS Timber is a world-class supplier of an extensive range of building materials, all chosen for their proven quality and brought to you at the most competitive price point. Our product portfolio also includes a comprehensive collection of tools, accessories and ancillary products.

In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we will be showcasing two of our bestselling fixings; the first is designed for use with timber while the second is designed for use with masonry.

KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrews

One of the very best types of woodscrew on today's market, KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrews offer exceptional versatility; they can be used with equal success on all types of soft and hard timbers as well as will common sheet materials like chipboard and MDF. Strong and durable, each screw incorporates a stick fit in its head, allowing it to be driven with square, Philips and pozi drivers in addition to the unique KTX drive bit.

KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrews deliver excellent torque which is directly transferred into the screw, eliminating the potential for slippage and wobbling while driving. No pre-drilling or pilot holes are required and the risk of splitting is dramatically reduced, allowing fitting to take place extremely close to edges. Underhead tips and ribs ensure fitting can be reliably achieved.

Each KTX II Locking Drive Chipboard Woodscrew has been subject to a through-hardening process, resulting in unmatched strength. The fixings are finished with a wax coating that provides smooth, unencumbered penetration into the timber or sheet substrate. As the woodscrews have a double countersunk head, they provide a seamless, safe and attractive surface finish to any project.

Thunderbolt Hex-Head Masonry Bolts

Rightly billed as 'the original and best all-purpose masonry anchor', Thunderbolt masonry fixings are built to last. The self-tapping anchors are ideal for fixing trimmers, beams and joints to a vast array of construction materials such as marble, stone, block, brick and concrete.

Thunderbolt masonry anchors are crafted to the very best technical standards, offering a secure, dependable method of fixing. There is no need for any marking-out: the Thunderbolt can be simply screwed into pre-drilled holes. As there is no expansion stress, it is possible to fix extremely close to the edge without issue. Once installed, the easily-removable masonry fixings offer support along the entire length of their threads.

Thunderbolt Masonry Screws

For more details about the fixings and fasteners available from JAS Timber, please browse our website. If you need any technical information or advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

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