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Premdor Internal Doors

Premdor® Internal Doors -

Flush Real-Veneer Internal Doors, Flush-Foil Internal Doors, Masonite Moulded-Panel Internal Doors, Masonite Ladder-style Panel V-Grooved Internal Doors, archi­tec­tural marquetry inlaid-pattern real-veneer internal doors, standard-size and bespoke-size glass vision panel versions of these doors. We will be listing pages of these doors to view as soon as we can; In the meantime, please contact us. We have many of the Glazed Fire Door versions listed, see - Premdor Solid and VP Fire Doors™

Premdor also produce a range of Oak Panel Internal Doors. See the Firecheck versions - Premdor Solid and VP Oak Panel Doors™
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Colonist 1-Hour Fire Door: Firemaster 6-Panel White-Primed Woodgrain 54mm Internal 60 minute Firecheck - Premdor

White Colonist 60 minute Firecheck ( 8 Woodgrain Colonist 1-Hour FD60 sizes) Premdor White Colonist FD60 Door prices from:
  • £213.90 + VAT 20%

Colonist FD60 White-Primed Smooth Fire Door: Firemaster 1-Hour 6-Panel 54mm Internal 60 minute Firecheck - Premdor®

Smooth Colonist White-Primed 60 minute Firecheck ( 8 Smooth White 6P 1-Hour FD60 sizes) Premdor® Colonist FD60 Smooth WP Door prices from:
  • £213.90 + VAT 20%

Colonist Fire Door: FD30 6-Panel Smooth-White Moulded Panel 44mm - Premdor

Colonist White 30 min. Firecheck ( 14 White Smooth 6P FD30 sizes ) Premdor Smooth Colonist Fire Door price from:
  • £75.60 + VAT 20%

Premdor Internal Doors

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Premdor Internal Doors can be bought online - Select the Internal Door sizes that you want, and - Click add to Basket, taking care if there are any options in drop-down menus; To see your ongoing Order Total or to amend it, click the small Checkout Trolley icon at the Top-RHS of the page in the Green Navigation-bar. Then add any more Premdor Doors, Fire Doors, Door Casings, Skirtings, Arcs, or other items that you require.