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PLY Made to Measure Type-12 Glazed VP FD60 PAIR Fire Door

PLYWOOD PAIR Made to Measure Type-12 Glazed Vision Panel One Hour FD60 54mm Fire Doors -

Type-12 Glazed Pair Plywood Made to Measure FD60 Fire Doors

These Ply FD60 1-Hour Fire Doors with Glazed Vision Panels are made to size to your requirements in a BWF Certified Workshop - suitable for inspected work in Schools, Hospitals, Office, Industry, or in the home.

These Plywood PAIR Fire Doors can be supplied in special sizes, Glazed or Solid-face, cut to height or width and re-lipped, with Certi­fica­tion;

Ply Pair Firedoors can be supplied in special confi­gura­tions such as equal or unequal widths, and with Smoke-seal Intumescent Stip;

Certified Fire-rated Glazed Vision-Panels can also be fitted with Georgian-Wired Clear Fire-Rated Glass, Fully Clear Laminated Fire-Rated Glass or Specialist Patterned/­Obscure Fire-Rated Glasses;

The long narrow Type-12 Vision Panel is shown as an example here; There can be more than one Vision Panel, and can be in any size, and fitted in any position  allowed by the Fire Regulations. Circular Vision Panels can also be fitted. ,

Matching 35mm internal solid & glazed pattern doors are also available.

- Follow the link to see more details about PLYWOOD PAIR Made to Size FD60 Glazed Fire Doors, and to buy online: PLY FD60 1-HOUR MtM Type-12 VP PAIR FIRE DOOR

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