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PIR Foil-Faced Insulation

Poly­iso­cy­anurate PIR Foil-Faced Rigid Insulation Slab

PIR Foil-Faced Insulation Board


20mm - 25mm - 35mm - 50mm - 60mm - 70mm - 80mm - 90mm & 100mm thickness;

Multi-purpose insulation board for Pitch-Roof, Flat-Roof or Wall Insulation.
Insulation sheets may be from Celotex, Kingspan or Xtratherm and designated GA - General Application Board;
Rigid Poly­iso­cy­anurate - PIR,­ is the more fire-retardent replacement for Rigid Polyurethane - PUR

Kingspan - Celotex - Xtratherm

Special Offers

2400x1200x20mm PIR Insulation Board is only £10.00 (+vat).

2400x1200x50mm PIR Insulation Board is only £16.10 (+vat).

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