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Pine: The Ideal Material for Flooring and Cladding

Pine is one of the most versatile types of timber, with many thousands of uses in the construction and renovation industries; two common uses for the material are for pine flooring and pine cladding applications in the indoor environment. Here at JAS Timber, we have a comprehensive selection of pine boards always in stock and available for immediate delivery. As with every other product we supply, these boards are guaranteed to be of superlative quality and made available to JAS Timber customers at the most competitive price point.

As a construction material, pine offers many advantages. Though strong and durable, pine is especially cost-effective and so helps to keep expenditure to a minimum; this is a particularly salient quality in the current financial climate where the cost of living continues to rise. Pine is also uniquely beautiful, with each piece displaying rich, warm tones and an aesthetically-pleasing grain pattern.

Many of the pine flooring and cladding boards sold by JAS Timber utilise the Tongue and Groove (T&G) fitting method, which allows them to be fitted seamlessly together from one edge to another; this creates one of the most robust and durable construction joints. Each board has a slot (groove) cut all the way along one edge while the opposite edge is cut into a thin yet deep outward-projecting ridge (tongue). The tongue of one board fits exactly into the groove of the next, creating a single surface.

It is important to note that, when moved to the drier and warmer indoor environment, these boards may shrink, cup and/or twist. To prevent these issues, the boards should be allowed to properly acclimatise to the new environment before use by being stacked in the room where they will be installed. Occasional shuffling of the boards in this stack will allow them to dry out slowly and evenly, minimising any incidence of movement and surface checking/­splitting. 
Our collection of pine flooring and cladding boards includes:

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