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Pine Jointed Boards: What Will YOU Build...?

One of the most popular choices of timber for use in interior design is pine and the ubiquitous wood can be found in a surprisingly diverse array of places in the home. Pine jointed boards are solid, sturdy and dependable; they can be easily machined into a variety of shapes and sizes and this versatility means they are one of our bestselling items here at JAS Timber.

Pine Jointed Boards

So, why pine for interiors? Fans of the wood cite a number of reasons, including:

  1. Pine has an extremely distinctive grain which can vary greatly even in single lengths; every piece is completely unique

  2. The timber is compatible with many existing aesthetics as it has a subtle, timeless quality about its texture and appearance

  3. It is easy to keep clean and requires little maintenance

  4. Pine is always available at a reasonable price though, like anything else, better quality equals a higher cost. Depending on what you’re using it for, even very inexpensive pine can be suitable for the job, making it an extremely competitive option

Perhaps the main use for pine is parquet flooring, as the timber has good puncture resistance when used in a low-to-medium foot traffic area. The boards can also be used as panelling and cladding or to create and define areas of a room as separations; micro­per­fo­ration techniques are often used to improve acoustic qualities.

Another common usage is as a worktop, where the aforem­en­tioned puncture resistant qualities are once again extremely useful. The light colour of pine makes it perfect for this use, enabling any stray food dirt to be immediately spotted and simply wiped away.

Pine boards make ideal material for a range of DIY projects in the home, from maximising your property’s storage potential by creating convenient shelves to building your very own furniture from scratch. You could have a hidden talent and pine boards are a great starting point; perhaps you could be a Chippendale of the future…?

Inspiration often comes from seeing a blank canvas and that is what the pine joined boards that we supply here at JAS Timber are. Why not check out the quality timber and see what YOU are inspired to create? Machining services are available from our experts to help you on your way.

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