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Pine Decorative Mouldings at JAS Timber

Pine is one of the most versatile building materials and as such is suitable for a whole host of different purposes within the home and workplace. As well as offering a range of practical benefits, the material is also highly aesthetically attractive, especially when used to craft decorative moulds and beads.

Here at JAS Timber, we stock an extensive and ever-growing selection of profiled pine beads and moulds. The range includes things like glazing beads, panel mouldings, dowels, half-round beads, corner beads and many more. These products are made from Scandinavian redwood of joinery quality and, like all of the products in the comprehensive JAS Timber portfolio, are made available to our discerning customers at an exceptionally-competitive price with zero compromise on quality.

Our collection of pine decorative mouldings includes:

Double Astragal Mouldings

The astragal moulding profile comprises a half-round surface which is surrounded by two flat planes to create an extremely attractive finish that is sometimes referred to as a miniature torus. We stock these mouldings in a selection of different sizes and they are often used as dado rails or as a device for framing. Our double astragal mouldings are very popular with our customers, many of whom have left five-star reviews. One reviewer said: "Having spent two years looking for this size and style of dado rail, it has taken just two days from ordering to fixing! Thank you for your excellent service."

Picture Rails

A picture rail is designed to be installed around the upper perimeter of a room, usually between 30cm and 50cm below the ceiling. As well as providing a practical solution for hanging artwork without having to put damaging nails into a wall, a picture rail can provide an attractive aesthetic to a room, giving the ability to place contrasting wallpaper or paint layers above and below it.

Dado Rails

The word 'dado' comes from Italian and refers to the 'die' of a wall; this is an architectural term for the central section of a plinth or pedestal. A dado rail runs around the perimeter of a room at about one fifth of its height and once again makes for an attractive aesthetic feature. As the dado rail can also help protect the wall from the backs of furniture, it is sometimes known as a chair rail.

Rebated Bolection Moulds

This versatile product has many uses. Primarily used around the panels of doors to create a raised moulding effect, rebated bolection moulds can also be used as dado/picture rails and edge trims around board, tiles and cladding. A pair of the moulds can be used as effective cable covers.

Find out more details about the various decorative pine mouldings available from JAS Timber by browsing our website.

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