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Oak Doors: Strong and Stylish

One of the key product ranges supplied by JAS Timber is external and internal doors. These doors are crafted from a variety of different types of timber: one of the very best options is oak. There are many advantages and benefits of choosing oak as a door material and this edition of our blog looks at some of them...

To begin with, oak is a very strong and sturdy material, meaning that it displays great durability. Oak doors are built to last and are therefore suitable for even the most high-frequency applications. The oldest door in the UK, dated to be at least 1,000 years old, can be found at Westminster Abbey and is still in use to this day. It's no surprise to find that this door is made from, you guessed it, oak!

Oak boasts one of the most beautiful visual aesthetics of any kind of timber. The material displays a wide variety of different tones, textures and patterns and so an oak door can complement and enhance any style of interior design whether traditional, contemporary or a hybrid of both. Elegant and stylish, oak doors bring instant charm and character wherever they are installed.

The initial cost of an oak door may be higher than doors made from other types of timber but their durability and strength, combined with minimal maintenance requirements, makes them a cost-effective choice. An oak door is an investment that offers unmatched returns in terms of longevity and robust construction.

Oak has an especially dense composition which gives it exceptional insulating properties. This means that it helps to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer, enhancing comfort levels for the people within. The insulating properties of this superior material also mean that power bills can be kept to a minimum. As well as aiding thermal regulation, the dense composition of oak also makes it a remarkable sound insulator, delivering acoustic perfection.

You are invited to browse the JAS Timber website to discover our complete collection of oak doors designed for both external and internal applications. Need help choosing exactly the right oak door for your needs? Simply get in touch with our expert team here at JAS Timber.

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