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Oak Architraves and Skirtings at JAS Timber

Here at JAS Timber, we use of wide variety of different types of timber to create an equally-wide selection of top-quality products. One of our key materials is oak which, as a premium timber type, offers a host of different benefits and advantages.

Our selection of oak products includes a variety of mouldings such as architraves and skirting boards. In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we'll look at some of the many advantages of oak for creating such products and showcase a small selection of customer favourites.

As a construction material, oak is undeniably beautiful. It boasts a rich and warm appearance, combining a plethora of different textures, patterns, tones and colours. Subtle yet striking, oak offers a unique, delightful charm. When it comes to durability, little can outperform oak. Strong and sturdy, the material will last and last without any compromise on its durable nature. Despite a higher initial outlay than with other types of timber, oak is in fact an extremely cost-effective investment thanks to this durability.

These mouldings are made using kiln-dried KD American white oak and can be supplied with full Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. This proves that the materials have been responsibly and sustainably sourced from properly-managed forests and have been checked and verified at every stage of processing.

3" and 5" Oak Torus Architraves

An architrave is an interior moulding used to define and delineate the edges of a door or window, creating an attractive aesthetic. The torus profile is characterised by a symmetrical, semi-circular bump which protrudes prominently just beneath the top of the board. Below this runs an elegantly-curved slide. Especially popular in new-build developments, the torus profile is a subtle style that helps it to team well with almost any interior decor scheme. Our 3" and 5" oak torus architraves are available in a choice of several lengths.

3" Oak Ogee Architraves

If you want to go for a more ornamental look then the ogee profile is the choice to make. Instead of the convex, semi-circular curve characteristic of torus architraves, the ogee profile offers an asymmetric S-shape, creating the appearance of a flowing wave. Once again, a number of different length options are available at JAS Timber.

7" Ogee Skirting Boards

As well as providing a decorative, finished appearance to a room, a skirting board also offers protective functionality from everyday wear and tear. Available in a selection of lengths, these attractive skirting boards are made using the popular ogee profile.

For more information about these superlative products, along with our complete collection of oak mouldings, please browse the JAS Timber website.

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