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Hardwood External Doors

Adoorable Hardwood External Door Range - from Leeds Plywood and Doors :

The LPD Range of External Hardwood Doors will appeal to those who prefer a more traditional look. From the elegant beading and raised mouldings of the Derby Door, to the gallery shelved Tuscany Door, there is a huge choice of styles from which to make your perfect entrance.

As with the LPD Oak Door range, where applicable, all glazed units are double-glazed, encasing the Lead or IG glazing pattern to protect it, and also insulate, so your heat stays in and the cold stays out.

Intricate and distinctive glazing, individually tailored to enhance each respective model, remains not only a key design feature but also a huge factor in the enduring and unwavering success of this exceptional range.

Adoorable Hardwood External Doors® are unfinished and are 44mm thick.

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Cottage Glazed Door: 1-light *Lead Double Glazed* [Hardwood] M&T 1.75" External Door - LPD Hardwood External Doors

Cottage Glazed Hardwood External Doors - (6 Cottage [H] +RM1S+ Door sizes) Cottage Glazed Hardwood Door prices from:
  • £200.50 + VAT 20%

Westminster Glazed Door: 1-light *Lead Double Glazed* [Hardwood] M&T 1.75" External Door - LPD Hardwood External Doors

Westminster Glazed Hardwood External Doors (3 Westminster [H] +RM1S+ Door sizes) Westminster Glazed Hardwood Door price from:
  • £240.40 + VAT 20%

Derby Leaded Glazed Door: 2-light *Leaded Double Glazed* [Hardwood] M&T 1.75" External - LPD Hardwood External Doors

Derby Leaded Glazed Hardwood External Door (5 Derby Leaded [H] +RM1S+ Door sizes) LPD Derby Leaded Door price from:
  • £306.90 + VAT 20%

Estate Crown Glazed Door: 1-light *Lead Double Glazed* [Hardwood] M&T 1.75" External Door - LPD Hardwood External Doors

Estate Crown Glazed Hardwood External Doors - (5 Estate Crown [H] +RM1S+ Door sizes) Estate Crown Glazed Hardwood Door price from:
  • £293.60 + VAT 20%

LPD Hardwood External Doors can be bought online -
Select the External Door sizes that you want, and add to basket, then add any more LPD Doors®, or other items that you require.

- Hardwood is a natural material - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected.
(Be aware: For multitude of reasons, LPD External Hardwood Doors® may vary from batch to batch, especially when sourced from different factories in the LPD Group®, so it is best to purchase all you need for a job in one go, rather than buying more at a later date. We cannot match Doors.)

LPD® Hardwood External Doors must be treated to LPD's fitting and maintenance instruc­tions.

Hardwood External Doors need care from purchase, during fitting, and throughout their lifespan;
Guidelines for door fitting, and door care are laid out by the British Woodworking Federation®:
BWF Door Care™
LPD Timber doors have a copy of the manuf­ac­turers instructions included in the packaging.
Check in particular, any fitting tolerances, or wood-stains you wish to use, are within the manuf­ac­turer's recom­men­dations;

(Waxes, oils, varnishes or water-based woodstains are NOT suitable. Maximum size reduction on fitting is 3mm per edge for LPD Hardwood External Doors. It is often possible to cut more off a door, but this is at your own risk.)

Follow LPD door care and maintenance advice for treatment of your door, and to validate their guarantee : LPD Doors Warranty

- Check all component dimensions, mouldings and glazing are correct prior to any work on site;
- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot exchange any door once work has commenced;
- We cannot exchange these Hardwood Doors after order - LPD Hardwood External Doors are a Special Order.