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LONDON Lever Door Handle - R51 Satin Stainless Steel

R51 Karcher LONDON Lever Door Handles in Satin Stainless Steel :

30% OFF ! ON SPECIAL OFFER @ £23.30 +vat !

Karcher Design Satin Steel Round-Rose Door Furniture -
The best quality door handles available - Made in Germany.
A commercial style, and heavy commercial quality door handle, now at a very reasonable price, and on Special Offer in JUNE 2013 - with FREE DELIVERY for 3 pairs or more.

- Follow the link for more details about R51 LONDON Lever - Round-Rose SSS Door Handles, & and to buy 3 or more Pairs online with our JUNE 2013 FREE DELIVERY offer : R51 KARCHER LONDON SSS DOOR HANDLE

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