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LC101 Softwood Porch Canopy Side Rail Kit

LC101 PEFC Softwood Porch Canopy Turned Side-Rails from Richard Burbidge :

Apex Timber Porch Canopy with Turned Dwarf Wall Side-Rails

Decoratively turned-softwood - LC101 1800mm Porch Canopy Side Rail Kits from Richard Burbidge can be used with a Porch Canopy to provide support from a dwarf-wall; The ideal way to keep the rain off your front or back door.

Manufactured by Richard Burbidge from Joinery quality PEFC Certified Scandinavian Redwood Pine Softwood.

The Full Range of Richard Burbidge Canopies and accessories that we can supply includes:

- Square or turned side-rail kits - Full-Height Side-Rails LC100 / LC102 or Side-Rails to Fit on Dwarf-Walls LC101 / LC103;
- Apex porch kits - LC001 Standard 1200mm and LC002 Large 1600mm;
- Mono-pitch porch canopies up to 1600mm LC003;
- Gallows Brackets to support porch canopies LC300;
- Porch Finial turning LC200.

- Click on this link for more details about LC101 1800mm Timber Porch Canopy Side Rails from Richard Burbidge, our wide range of Richard Burbidge products, trade-prices & to buy online: RICHARD BURBIDGE PEFC SOFTWOOD PORCH CANOPY SIDE-RAILS

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