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Oasis™ Worktops

Oasis Top Value FSC® Worktops -

Kronospan® Laminates on Kronospan Kitchen Worktop blanks with FSC board core;
This is a contract range with top-quality Kronospan Laminates - 13 decors in 28mm and 21 decors in 38mm thickness;

Manufactured by Kronospan using wood sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests and recycled timber, to produce the chipboard worktop panels; Produced to FIRA® Gold standard;

"Colorfill®" kitchen laminate repair compound and filler is available, to order, in a range of com­ple­men­ta­ry colours.

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Oasis JET WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Kronospan 5518-U Laminate

Kitchen Worktop - 30mm OASIS JET 5518U WORKTOP Granite - Price from:
  • £48.80 + VAT 20%

Oasis JET WORKTOP 3000x600x38mm - Kronospan 5518U Laminate

Kitchen Worktop - 40mm OASIS JET 5518U WORKTOP Granite - Price from:
  • £76.40 + VAT 20%

Oasis BEECH BUTCHER BLOCK WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 3498U Laminate

30mm Kitchen Worktop - OASIS BEECH BUTCHER BLOCK WORKTOP - 3498U
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis Beech Butcher-Block Worktop-Upstand 3000x100x20mm - Formica 3498U Laminate

Kitchen Worktop Upstand - 20x100mm OASIS BEECH BUTCHER BLOCK WORKTOP UPSTAND - 3498U
  • £27.20 + VAT 20%

Oasis ONYX OLYMPUS WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 9588U Laminate

Kitchen Worktop - 30mm OASIS OLYMPUS ONYX WORKTOP - Formica 9588 U
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis ARRAN WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 4545CR Laminate

3 Metre Kitchen Worktop - 30mm x 600mm OASIS ARRAN WORKTOP - 4545CR
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis DAPPLE SLATE WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 4385CR Laminate

3 Metre Kitchen Worktop - 30mm x 600mm OASIS DAPPLE SLATE WORKTOP - 4385CR
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis MARTIAN WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 8179CR Laminate

Kitchen Worktop - 30mm OASIS MARTIAN WORKTOP - was 5045
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis MILLENIUM GRANITE WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 5567CR Laminate

3 Metre x 600mm Kitchen Worktop - 30mm OASIS MILLENIUM WORKTOP - 5567 CR
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis ROSSINI GRANITE WORKTOP 3000x600x­28mm & 3000x600x38- Formica 3994PE Laminate

Kitchen Worktop - 30mm or 40mm OASIS GRANITE ROSSINI WORKTOP - Formica 3994 PE
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis ANTIQUE WHITE WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 500PE Laminate

30mm Kitchen Worktop - OASIS ANTIQUE WHITE WORKTOP - Formica 500 PE
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

Oasis OXFORD OAK WORKTOP 3000x600x28mm - Formica 3781BS Laminate

30mm Kitchen Worktop - OASIS OXFORD OAK WORKTOP - Formica 3781 BS
  • £36.60 + VAT 20%

The colour of Oasis® Worktops are shown as a guide only;
Variations are possible because an image will be shown differently from one computer monitor to another;
Glaze and texture of Kitchen Worktops are a further complexity that cannot be shown on a screen! You need to see a large enough piece of worktop to be sure, as samples may not be large enough. Colour and surface texture need to be com­­pa­­tabi­­lity checked before fitting your worktop, as Kronospan, IDS® or JAS® cannot accept claims resulting from a mismatch of colour or surface finish.

For Worktop Samples, see the Kronospan website & email your request to : Oasis Samples
Please specify the Colour Name and Code with Texture,
and give your Name, Full Postal Address and Post-Code, or Phone - 08457 298298.

- Some Oasis Worktop Description sizes may be "Nominal";
- Check all Jet Worktop component dimensions, mouldings, colour and pattern are correct prior to ordering, and any work on site;
- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot exchange any Kitchen Worktop once ordered.
- Oasis Jet Worktops are supplied as a Special Order.

The NEW Oasis Worktop Collection -

Kronospan® Laminates on Kronospan FSC Board;
This is a contract range with top-quality Kronospan laminate - 13 decors in 28mm and 21 decors in 38mm thickness;

- Oasis Jet Worktops can be ordered online - Order 1 IDS Delivery Product if you are in the area of one of the postcodes shown - IDS Worktop Delivery - Please contact us if your postcode isn't listed -
- We can deliver by van in our own delivery area; Please contact us - JAS Van Delivery

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Kronospan Oasis Worksurfaces

Van Delivery of Oasis Worktops on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire & the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa  ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat )

Approximate weights for Kronospan FSC Oasis Worktops are shown in Kg;

Carrier Delivery of Oasis Worktops is not possible;

Direct Delivery by IDS Oasis Distributors in their National Delivery Area is from £35 +vat - poa
- £35 +vat includes ALL of mainland Scotland!

(Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about Oasis Kitchen Worktops, so that we can quote for delivery.)

- The Oasis January 2017 Price list is current - 12/06/2017 -
- Please phone us at JAS Timber Merchants with any enquiries about these Oasis Laminate Kitchen Worktops
- 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see
T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cati­ons of Worktops correct, but mistakes can be made!