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Keep Calm and Don't Panic!

In the event of a fire, the one thing you should never do is panic. But one thing you certainly should do is install a Panic Latch just in case! The Panic Latch lets doors be opened fast and reliably, so that you don’t have to do any of the panicking at all.

In theory, the ‘Don’t Panic’ rule is easy to obey. During an actual fire, however, things can often be very different as our primal survival instincts take over. That’s why it’s essential to have a good fire safety plan, enhanced by devices such as The Arrone® AR883-BL Black Panic Latch Push Pad. It represents nothing less than a revolution in fire safety and it is now available from JAS Timber at an extremely attractive and competitive price. Here are all the details…

  • The device, once fitted according exactly to to supplied instruc­tions, is supported by a 2-year guarantee

  • All relevant health, safety and quality standards are adhered to, including BS EN 179 : 1998 + A1:2003

  • The Panic Latch should not be used in public areas

  • Featuring single point-locking, the device features a diecast control box and a follow-on main box: these can be used inter­chan­ge­ably with Arrone locking attachments

  • Oval steel push bars can be used if required and the latch is fully reversible

  • Comes complete with a ‘W’ clip which can be used effectively with the rim cylinder on the reverse side

  • The Panic Latch can be safely used with FD30 fire doors (also available from JAS Timber) and complies with BS EN 1634 Part 1: 2000 in this respect

  • Choose from black, silver or gold to suit the existing aesthetic

  • Can be used as a locking device with the AR882BL Left/Right Reversible Panic Latch

  • The latch is tested to over 200,000 cycles with no loss of functi­onality to prove its durability

  • Suitable for high frequency of use (Grade 3) on doors with a mass of up to a massive 200kg

  • Resists corrosion to the EN 1670 standard

  • Supplied with clear, highly-visible “Push Bar to Open” signage

If you have any questions about this superior product, contact the experts at JAS Timber today. And remember, KEEP CALM AND DON’T PANIC!

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